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Running a vertical farm may seem tricky; that’s why we developed an application that enables you to manage your farm in a couple of clicks. The iFarm Growtune SaaS Platform contains knowledge sourced from hundreds of farming professionals — agronomists, plant health specialists, engineers, biologists, etc. — and lets you make smart decisions to achieve greater yields.
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Why Growtune?
Growing edible plants on a large scale can be complicated, as well as both technically and financially demanding. On top of that farm owners face the challenge of hiring highly qualified staff whose salaries can constitute up to 60% of total expenditure.

By reducing the amount of work that needs to be done manually, iFarm helps to decrease labour costs by 20%, thus lowering the end-cost of each kg of produce.

How do we achieve that? Our in-house team includes advanced specialists in crop science and agriculture, experienced managers and the brightest software engineers.

Their expertise is available to all iFarm clients in the form of a library with plant growth recipes. Combined with iFarm's set of online tools, it enables smooth management of vertical farms for any brand.
Big Data collected from farms all over the world helps iFarm's artificial intelligence (AI) to constantly improve its algorithms. It factors in data from IoT-devices, computer vision, production and sales reports.

lighting parameters, nutrient content and concentration, microclimate, plant growth rate, farm staff activities

inconsistencies in plant growth at an early stage

plant growth recipes and net cost of produce

about any deviations

Subscription-based software
iFarm subscribers pay $ 0,75 — $ 1,5 a month for 1 m² of growing area and gain access to all iFarm Growtune features to ensure better yield.

All maintenance emergencies are handled at no extra cost.
Our experienced technicians, agriculture and plant protection specialists have access to all operational data for any farm and will help to resolve any issue. They can log in remotely to check: environmental conditions, cameras monitoring the plants, checklists for growers, warehouse items, planting and shipment schedules.
Fully automated processes
Our cloud-based solution interacts with all the controllers and sensors at the farm remotely. The software manages numerous factors, including temperature, humidity, lighting and CO2, irrigation schedule, nutrient content and concentration.

Turnkey solution
As soon as you begin building a vertical farm with iFarm technology, the iFarm Growtune SaaS platform will be integrated into the automation system instantly.

For vertical farm owners
If you already have a vertical farm and use a third-party automation system, our specialists can audit its features and components, install missing equipment and connect your farm to iFarm Growtune.

Our SaaS platform supports most of the existing automation systems. We develop bespoke APIs which interact with the most commonly used sensors and controllers.

How does it work?
Step 1. Choose crops to grow
A library of more than 158 plant growth recipes is continually updated with software algorithms and guides for growers which are specifically created for vertical farms.

The plant growth recipes take into account the following vital parameters and procedures to ensure that every crop is carefully grown:
temperature, humidity, CO2*
Irrigation and fertigation schedule*
nutrient content and concentration*
lighting schedule*
growth cycles*
interactive plant care guides for farm staff

Required changes are applied automatically, depending on the planned plantings.
Step 2. Plan your planting
Choose the farm, method of harvesting (automatic or manual) and the desired volume of end product

The system offers planting and harvesting dates with consideration of current and forecasted use of farm capacities

If you manage more than one farm, Growtune can suggest how to manage planting across multiple locations.
Step 3. Confirm your order
Automatically calculate the end price of your products based on the library of recommended and seasonal prices

Select buyers from a catalogue of loyal customers quickly and efficiently

Create a profile of a new client

Confirm and place the order with the production site
Step 4. Manage your plantings
Allocate the planting to another client

Distribute the planting among multiple clients

Adjust harvesting dates

Move plantings

Detect and remove defective plants
Step 5. Monitor the production
Automatically generated plant care and farm maintenance guides and to-do lists
Available in the form of checklists with detailed instructions for every procedure
Task reminders
Track task execution, with detailed journalling of the climate and environmental conditions
Create additional tasks when needed
Maintain complete control of farm environments with emergency alerts.
Step 6. Plan the yield
Current and scheduled plantings are visually represented in a Gantt Chart

See the capacity utilisation of a production site in a detailed interactive plan for any given day

The plan contains up-to-date data about the vital farm metrics, such as shelf sizes, growing rack heights, growth cycles and the actual number of crops on the shelves
Step 7. Analyze this
Yield and sales statistics by farm: planned/actual/defect, harvested/to harvest, area turnover, sales forecast/sold

Capacity statistics: vacant/planted areas, growing area, etc.

Crop statistics and potential: number of crops, plant types and varieties

Custom reports
A flexible set of widgets with informative representation of all the necessary metrics:
For Growing modules
A system that enables remote management of household, educational and retail growing
All the necessary online tools:
Ready-made plant recipes store

Possibility to create your own plant growth recipes

Remote control of the climate, lighting and watering from anywhere in the world

Application of computer vision to enable automatic tracking of current plantings and creating tickets for the delivery of new seedlings

Notifications about yield being ready for harvesting, growth or microclimate deviation
A store for ordering consumables

Online customer support and consultations by agronomists

Video and photo monitoring, with possibilities to share photos and video in social media

Journal for observations

Video trainings, interactive guides
Use of cutting edge technologies Computer vision / Machine learning / Artificial Intelligence
iFarm Growtune is based on an adaptive protocol that employs computer vision, machine learning, and data relating to thousands of plants collected from a distributed network of farms, as well as open data.

This protocol can determine plant weight, growth deviations and diseases. As a result, iFarm Growtune provides recommendations or automatically adjusts growth algorithms to achieve the planned yield.
Reduce workload
Monitor plants 24/7 with drones, cameras or smartphones
Make sure your plants are healthy
Track growth dynamics of each and every plant:
  • detect any deviations at an early stage
  • identify plant diseases automatically
  • determine plant weight and maturity by image
Manage everything online
React promptly to any changes in growth cycles:
  • Notifications sent to alert employees when action needs to be taken
  • set microclimate parameters and adjust plant growth formulas
  • get help from our smart chatbot assistant
Subscribe to the Growtune Farm Management System
  • Library of plant growth recipes
  • Order Management Module
  • Farm Capacity Management Module
  • Production Monitoring and Checklists Module
  • Free updates for software tools
  • Online suppor
For farms up to 250m2:
€150 per month + €0,75 per month / 1 m2 of growing area
For farms 250-10,000m2:
€0,75 per month / 1 m2 of growing area
For farms over 10,000m2:
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